Using a smartphone or tablet in airplane mode

Using a smartphone or tablet in airplane modeWhen a smartphone or tablet is set to airplane mode, all network connections are cut. How to put his device in airplane mode, and how to use? Focus on the possible uses of a terminal without an Internet connection.

What airplane mode?

By plane or in certain places such as hospitals, network connections for smartphones and tablets connected in 3G may cause interference. Airplane mode is designed for phones that can stay on, without disrupting the operation of some electronic devices.

Cut connections:
  • Phone Network
  • Internet (3G and WiFi)
  • GPS,
  • Bluetooth.

This mode can be used in everyday life to save the autonomy of a battery. This feature is useful when network coverage is not important enough.

Putting a device in airplane mode

On devices running Android, airplane mode is selected from the power button:
  • Long press on the button,
  • Enable offline mode.

On the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:
  • Screen settings,
  • Turn on Airplane Mode.

Uses airplane mode

In airplane mode, applications require a network connection can not be used:
  • information and news sites,
  • Social Networks
  • online video or music players,
  • Services in the cloud
  • Sending e-mails,
  • Stores ...

Smartphones and tablets, however, offer many opportunities to care while traveling.


Most of the games designed for smartphones and tablets are available offline. Titles like Angry Birds do not need to be connected to the Internet.
Some games offer two options: with or without connection. To know and to enable offline, simply go to the section settings or application settings.

Music and videos

Most smartphones and tablets have MP3 players. If it is not possible to access an online listening service, purchase and transfer of pieces, previously used to listen to music in flight. Same advice for watching videos such as movies.


To read a book or document on a tablet, it is best to prepare in advance:
  • Download a book via an application store,
  • Make available a Google Drive document offline,
  • Storing a page of a website through a dedicated screenshot or application, like Evernote for example.

For further

For the most anxious passengers, some sites like offer techniques to de-stress during travel.

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