Voice recognition – Windows 7

November 2017

Controlling Windows with the voice

Since Windows Vista, the Microsoft operating system includes a voice recognition function allowing both the dictation of text that the control interface and software for voice. To use this feature with Windows 7, it is of course attach a microphone to the sound card in your computer and then make some adjustments. This learning phase lasts a few minutes. To start voice recognition, open it by double-clicking Control Panel on its desktop icon or through the Start menu and click on "Ease of Access".

Set the voice recognition

The first time you launch the voice recognition by clicking on "Start Speech Recognition", a setting window will appear. Click "Next" and then select the type of microphone you intend to use (on headset microphone, desktop microphone, etc.) and click "Next."
Voice recognition - Windows 7
Follow the instructions to position your microphone and click "Next." Adjust the microphone volume by reading the indicated sentence and then double-click "Next". Check the "Enable document analysis" for better future performance, click "Next", select "Use voice activation mode" double-click "Next" and choose according to your convenience "Start speech recognition at startup "or not, at your convenience. Then click "Next" and then "Start tutorial".

A new window will open. Double-click "Next" and start the tutorial by saying "start listening." Follow the tutorial to learn all the commands of the voice recognition module. At the end, click "Finish".Voice recognition - Windows 7


For best results, train the computer to recognize your voice and its particular intonations. For this, in the "Ease of Access", click on "Voice Recognition" then "Train your computer to better understand you" to start the learning phase of your voice and your speech. Click "Next" and read the proposed sentences progressively. This phase lasts about ten minutes but is very important. Do not neglect it ! Click "Finish" to end the adjustment phase of the speech recognition.

Use voice recognition

When using voice recognition, a command window appears on top of other windows on the screen. Click the button-shaped microphone or say "Start listening" to exit voice recognition yesterday.Voice recognition - Windows 7
Speak your text or state orders as learned in the tutorial. At any time, you can view the help by pressing the F1 key. You will find in "common voice recognition commands" a reminder of the most common actions to perform.

To exit the voice recognition module, click the right mouse button on its icon in the bar of the spots notification area and choose "Exit".

The original of this factsheet is an excerpt from
"All for a good start with Windows 7" (Emmanuel GENTY,
Collection CommentCaMarche.net, Dunod, 2009)

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