It may be useful to make a screenshot (in English screenshot), That is to say, to capture what you see on the screen, but it is not necessarily required for it to install a screen capture software.
It is possible to capture the entire screen or, as the desire, only a portion and save the result as an image file.

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How to capture the entire screen?


On iPhone just simultaneously press the On / Off button and the Home button for a snapshot:

Look at the tutorial NextPLZ to make a screenshot on iPhone


The way to make a screenshot of Android depends on the version used:

-for Android 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2, you must simultaneously press the button "On Off" and "low volume"Until the image is saved in the gallery

-for Android 2.2 (froyo) must simultaneously press the button "return" and "On Off".

-Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), it must simultaneously press the button "home" and "On Off".

-for Android 3 (honeycomb), it is necessary to rooter unit.

In any case, it is also possible to install a third party application (usually paid) to make screenshots. for example "No Root Screenshot It" or "Screenshot UX".

Windows phone

  • See this link


To capture the entire screen, simply press the button "Print" or "Scrn" or "Print Screen Syst" (Located right next to the button "F12").
Then, to insert it into a document, you must press the "Ctrl + V" or click with the help of the right mouse button, "Paste".
To see step by step, how to make a screenshot and upload, see this tip: Show a screenshot.

and Software

Best screen capture software


With keyboard shortcuts:

Knowing the numbers 3 and 4 are the buttons on the top row of the keyboard, not the numeric keypad.

-capture the entire screen simultaneously pressing these 3 buttons: cmd Shift 3

-capturing a selection of the screen: Simultaneously pressing these 3 buttons: cmd Shift 4 , then the appearance of the appropriate cursor to select the desired area ... and letting the click.

-capturing a window either: simultaneously pressing these 3 buttons: cmd Shift 4 then pressing the spacebar, then place the cursor in the form of camera in the desired window and clicking.

-Note: By default screenshot format will .pNG, and will be on the desktop. You can change these settings with a utility like Onyx for Mac

Note: To stop the process, simply press "esc"

With a glance:
It is also possible to make screen shots with the latest software Overview included with every Mac. In preview, just go to the menu:

- "File / Make a screenshot"...

Again, you will have the choice between making a screenshot of the entire screen, a selection of the screen or a specific window.

With Capture:
Finally, another option, use the software Capture located here:
Applications / Utilities / Capture.

The interesting side Capture is that it allows a screenshot offline.
Capture produces images in .tiff format, heavier than PNG or JPEG, but sometimes useful to keep a quality after alterations or modifications. You can then export it to the format of your choice, just with Preview.

Just drag and drop the software in the Dock (left side), to always have a click away.
(The right side of the Dock is for your records or files, while the left side is intended for Applications).

Trick : Onyx freeware allows to choose the captured file size. (Tiff, jpeg, pdf etc ...). Onyx can be downloaded here:

After launching Onyx, in the button "Settings" you decide the type of files, jpeg, pdf etc ...
and also, very useful, also decides the location where the files are deposited in the Path: /"

Also this Apple help:

A portion of the screen

partial PC

To capture only a portion of the screen, simply click on the desired part. Obviously, if no window is open in the main screen, it does not work. We must therefore click inside an open window. Press the (Alt / Print Scrn).
To insert it into a document, you must press the keys (Ctrl / V) or click with the help of the right mouse button, "Paste".

Once the screenshot done, you can save it as the selected document in the format that best suits: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, RTF, etc.

partial Mac

To capture only a portion of the screen, simply press the keys Cmd Shift 4, and select the desired area, or use the Capture software and choose to capture a selection from the menu bar.
Note: If you simultaneously press the keys Cmd Shift 4, and that'then you press the spacebar, you can select a window to capture with the slider that has taken the appearance of a camera. To insert the capture into a document, simply slide it into the desired document.

partial Linux

On some Linux systems, use a tool such as XV (usually comes with all distros) to be able to do a screen shot or a particular window.

For example, with XV (v3.10a) to make a copy of the entire screen, you must:

-click on the button "grab"

-xv choose to hide the window (XV hide windows) do OK

-click the left button on some of the other screen as a window

Nb: Some operating systems do not support the use of the key Print screen, in this case, we will be forced to use software that supports this function, pending possible future compatible version. The Gimp, for example, even has a countdown:

See also: x window capture screen (X Window)
to capture video of the screen (motion capture)

A scroll to page

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to capture a page that does not fit on the screen, like a web page, a Word document or a PDF document.

If you just want to capture a web page, there are free extensions for Firefox, which can capture an entire web page with one click.

-Pearl Crescent Page Saver


the freeware FastStone Screen Capture is a lightweight screen capture software but is also able to capture a document to scroll in any application.

It is therefore possible to capture you - for example - an entire webpage in IE, Firefox or Opera, or a Word document, or even the contents of a drop in software.

Other useful links

- Ranking of the best screen capture software


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