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Download WBFS Manager (IT) Download WBFS Manager (PL) Download WBFS Manager (PL) WBFS Manager is a free tool for backing up the drive of your Wii, including games in it. The backup sets stored on the hard drive of a Wii console is critical to avoid data loss. This task, however, requires a specialized program like WBFS manager.

WBFS manager

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This task affects both all content in the video games console that records of current parts. WBFS manager, moreover, was provided with the batch mode. This allows the backup of multiple data simultaneously. With this software, the user is also able to transfer files from the Wii to the computer. There it is also possible to delete data or rename those who were displaced if necessary. WBFS manager also includes an option offering a report in real time on the status of the hard drive of the Wii console. This report shows, among others, the actual total size and the space occupied by the installés.L'affichage games of a list is an option that has been integrated to facilitate the above functions. The user will know precisely titles on console games as well as related information. This list can be exported to a CSV file.


WBFS manager was with a multilingual user interface, including the French. This is a program offered as a free download.

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