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share your opinionPublisher:ILM Computer version:1.3.2 (latest version) OpenConcerto Download Download Freeware (33.95 MB) Mac OS X, French OpenConcerto is software used for managing a company. It handles all administrative tasks starting from the accounting to the right of access to corporate data.

key features

  • accounting: OpenConcerto is able to determine the financial status of the company. It provides an interface for entering cash flow transfers. It manages various company expenses and save them on a log while taking into account the date and amount.
  • Management: This option allows to track all activities occurring within the company. It stores a database on the state of stocks and different variations on production. The price of each commodity is also registered with the amount of the corresponding fee.
  • Protection: the information in OpenConcerto are secured by a password. User sessions are set up to determine the privileges assigned to each person upon login. This utility is able to set the read-only data prohibiting alteration and deletion.


  • This version is a free download.


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