Borland Database Engine

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Borland Database Engine

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Download Borland Database Engine (EN) Download Borland Database Engine (PT) Download Borland Database Engine (PT) We often forget to update our programs and works well behind schedule because nothing normally. To overcome this problem, we created Borland Database Engine, it is a software that performs the update of BDL applications.
Borland Database Engine

key features

  • Update program: This software is a great help us to update BDL languages. It is mainly to update all programs and applications under the BDL language. In addition, it performs the update automatically. Once he spotted the new version of the BDL program it installs on.
  • The arrangement of the works: Borland Database Engine also has other functions it performs direct installation of all applications in the same appointment. If BDL program is outdated and displays an error page, the software load installing the new correct version.
  • Tool: This software helps some programs including contacts Wincave 2002 and 2002 to optimize performance. Since this is the latest version, uninstall any other version of the system is essential for the proper functioning of the latter.


  • The software is very free.
  • Its handling is easy.


  • The software requires a very regular updating.

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