Kbis: Kbis extract application online

Kbis: Kbis extract application online

Here is how to control the K-bis extract of a company by mail or through an online application. This legal document can be sent to an entrepreneur in the context of its administrative procedures, but also to any interested person wishing to obtain information about a company. Content, procedures, cost ... review the rules to know the Kbis extract request.

Definition and content

The Kbis extract is a rich document information. It does indeed figure of "identity card" of the company concerned. He mentions in particular the identity of directors and the decisions of the Commercial Court in collective proceedings against the company possibly been (backup, recovery or liquidation).

The information in a Kbis are public: anyone can claim an Kbis extract.

Since 1 November 2013, a new K-bis extract model took effect. It contains additional references compared to the old model. Among these include, in particular the company's website domain name or the NAF code (French activity nomenclature).

For an entrepreneur, the business registry extract also can prove that his company is registered with the RCS (Register of Commerce and Companies). This document allows him to justify the legal existence of its business in numerous situations. The K-bis extract can for example be requested by a bank when opening the bank account of the company, a distributor when purchasing professional equipment or when the company applies for a call public offers.

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Period of validity

But be careful not to use K-Bis extract "obsolete" as too old. Indeed, in most procedures, the validity of the requested Kbis extract is 3 months. To obtain this document regularly without having to take the steps to each request, the companies have the option to purchase a subscription Kbis for a periodic sending.


The Kbis extract of bodies corporate companies (a limited company for example). For individual companies, it is a K extract should be asking.

The extract K bis concerns only traders commercial companies. It can not be used for artisans (who must provide an extract D1) or professionals (who must provide their SIREN number).

Finally, the Kbis extract should not be confused with the debt of a company state that can be asked the Registry to ensure the financial health of a company.

Request Kbis extract

How to get a kbis? Your application can be made on site, by mail or Internet. The demand for K-bis extract is in all cases pay (a few euros).

the Registry

The request can be sent to the Registry of the Commercial Court in which the company is registered, either on site or by mail.

Online order

The command can also be made online via the website http://www.infogreffe.fr/infogreffe/jsp/information/extraitRcs.jsp the Kbis extract is then sent by mail or email. On the site, the applicant must apply by filling in either the name, acronym and the name of the company or its Siren number.

Accuracy: companies whose headquarters is located in Alsace, Mosel or Guyana may not be an application online.

Prices and rates 2017

A Kbis is not free. The cost of an application for K-bis extract of a few euros. The Kbis tariffs in 2017 are:

  • 2.96 euros if requested on site at the court;
  • 3.90 euros if sent by mail;
  • Certificate on the existence of a collective procedure: 1.49 euro on the spot, 2.42 euros by mail.

The price of a request Kbis online (email) in 2017 amounted to 3.70 euros. (3.71 euros for online transmission request of a certificate relating to the existence of bankruptcy proceedings).

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