Securing a Wi-Fi network

ENIT November 2017

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Necessary securing wireless networks

A wireless network, and by extension a WiFi network, is much more sensitive than a wired network since data freely circulate in the air.

It is essential to protect its wireless network, even if you consider that data traveling have nothing confidential. Indeed, a wireless network unprotected and without any configuration effort can allow any user of the neighborhood (possibly in the upper and lower floors) to use your internet connection and possibly launch a certain number of attacks . Thus, in case of problems, the manager will be the owner of the internet connection, that is to say.

Above all, it is necessary to follow general guidelines to ensure a first level of security. The following article details some general rules of securing a WiFi network:

The rest of this article describes the steps to secure a WiFi network thanks to WEP or WPA.

  • Securing a WiFi network

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Download this article (PDF)
download this article (PDF