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CM Browser for Android

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Download CM Browser for Android (IT) Download CM Browser for Android (IT) CM Browser is a web browser dedicated to the Android platform. This application is able to detect phishing attempts or other malicious activity for connections.

CM Browser for Android

key features

Navigation: CM Browser is able to access any URL entry on its address bar. It uses the tab system to move from one page to another without having to close the active window.

Private mode: This option offers the ability to preserve user data. In this mode, no trace of the activities it has carried out on the web, either cookies or history will be recorded.

Security: What is special about this application is that it is capable of detecting computer viruses launched by hackers on the web. It supports any type of malicious program.

Marking: To easily find the pages visited, CM Browser provides the ability to classify as favorites. To access them, simply open the list in the dedicated application resources.


CM Browser is available for free download.

Its graphical interface is in French.


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