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APL application form

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The aid application form for housing supplement to its application in 2017 APL is fillable online. You can access it via the download link above.
Previously, the housing allocation request was made by printing and completing by hand cerfa a downloadable form online: cerfa 10840. This document is no longer accessible today and the steps can not be done by online online. However, Caf provide you with a paper form that you can get on site in at your cash if you have a problem with the online form.


The form is to be completed directly on the CIF website.

First, you must complete a preliminary form to ensure you fill out a part of the conditions to receive a housing assistance. Then you need to provide more specific information about you (your marital status in particular) and attach the documents that will be required.

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Documents to be enclosed

In principle, you must provide the following documents. Additional documents may also be requested.

If you rent or you live in a home, you must attach the CAF rent Certification Form or residence completed by your landlord or the manager.

If you own, you must attach a loan certificate issued by your bank and mentioning the amortization table.

You will also be asked to provide bank details (for transfers can be made by Caf to your bank account) and a photocopy of your identity card.

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If you move with 3 or more children, you can also request the payment of a moving allowance of coffee if you meet the applicable conditions. The moving allowance application must then be attached to your APL application file.

See also the APL amounts ceilings.

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