Ceilings for tax cuts for home use

The ceilings of tax cuts for jobs and home services vary depending on the type of benefit or employee.

General ceiling

  • € 12,000 + € 1,500 per dependent child, all capped at 15,000 €
  • As part of a first job, these ceilings are 15,000 € and 18,000 €

Any hand man

benefits "any man hand"In the framework of subscriptions to accredited bodies are capped at € 500 per year.

Yard work

Work small gardening are included in the limit of 5,000 € per year.

data processing

The home computer assistance benefits are capped at 3 000 € per year.

Tax credit

The taxpayer has a tax credit of 50% of total expenditure, including social security charges, expenses are included in the maximum limits specified above.

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