How to Organize a garage sale

To organize a garage sale at home or on the street, we must accomplish a few steps with the authorities. Here is the procedure to follow.
How to Organize a garage sale

Town hall

If you intend to organize an empty house or a garage sale, the best is to contact your city who can then communicate you the formalities to follow and the contact information you need to contact. Municipal services will answer your questions and inform you about your obligations.

But here are the essential steps you have to perform.


private Location

An individual can completely organize a private empty attic, this organization is open to all. However, it must declare this event.
To organize a garage sale at home or in a private place, we must send a prior declaration to the mayor of his town at least 15 days in advance. Legally, the flea is considered a sale unpacking. You will need to fill out the declaration form applicable to sales unpacking. This document can be directly downloaded from the internet.
Download the declaration of empty attic form.

Public place

If the flea market takes place on public space (parking, street ...), your event must be reported to the mayor with the same form above, along with your request occupancy of public space . Most often, you have to take at least 3 months before the scheduled date. The mayor may authorize the demonstration when certain commitments are met (scheduling, security, etc.).


You should also keep an updated record of all the vendors involved in your garage sale. This paper aims to identify them.


The register must meet the model set by decree. It includes the names and first names of participants and their addresses.

Sworn statement

If the participant is an individual, it must provide a letter attesting to the honor he was not involved in two other events of the same nature during the calendar year.


The register is numbered and initialed by the police or by the mayor.


State officials in charge of customs or competition, consumption and fraud prevention must be able to access it for the duration of the empty granary.


The organizer must then deposit the register at the prefecture or sub-prefecture at the latest within 8 days of the date of empty attic.


You risk fines and jail time if you violate the above obligations. As an organizer, you will incur as well:

  • a fine of 15 000 euros if you do not declare the flea;
  • sentenced to 6 years in prison and 30,000 euros fine if you do not want to register or you refuse to submit it to the administrative authorities.

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