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PaintShop Pro X8

share your opinionPublisher:Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Download Full Version (58.62 €)7 French ABOUT PRODUCT Enter a world where creativity is constantly renewed through the complete photo editing functions and powerful graphics design Corel PaintShop® Pro X8.

Enhance any image. Create projects for the web, for printing, for business or just for fun. Fix and enhance in a wink your photos. Create scrapbook pages, posters and outstanding graphics with the new function of text wrapping that quickly fills a selection or a form with text. easily move elements of your photos and watch automatically replacing the background with the new Magic Motion tool.

Sound enhancements such as the new mode of batch processing, accelerate common tasks associated with the pictures. Save time through more precise selection tools, faster file brushes and a recording function. Realize composite photos and graphics professional quality by having more control with enhanced layers.

Enjoy a workspace of beauty with new icons that guarantees amazing aspect of your software and your photos on high-resolution displays 4K. Give life to your ideas with the editing software pictures most versatile ever marketed.

CHARACTERISTICS Everything you need to create and edit your photos like a pro.

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 is the easiest and fastest way to have a complete software photo editing and graphic design. The intuitive 1-2-3 workspace guides you to perform the following tasks:
  • management: browse, preview, tag, organize, and quickly organize your image collections.
  • adjustment: quickly adjust your photos with instant fixes as the optimal treatment of photos, makeup tools, etc.
  • edition: have all the tools you need to perform the photo editing operations, image composition and graphic design professional, including layers, creative tools for text, drawing, painting, etc. All these tools are at your fingertips for a price considerably lower than the tools available via a subscription.

Powerful tools for you to bring to life more quickly to your creative ideas.

The power of PaintShop Pro lies in its numerous creative abilities. Whether you are a design professional or a beginner in photo editing, you have the right tools when you need to give substance to your creative vision:
  • New! The Text Wrapping tool allows you to insert text within any vector shape or selection. Simply choose your form or draw your selection using the selection tools, and then to insert your text. The text is automatically placed inside the form and more quickly and easily than ever. The effect is ideal for posters, albums, booklets, collages, websites and other projects.
  • New! The Magic Motion function sensitive content accelerates replacement editing operations automatically the background when moving an object. To that effect, simply select the subject or the object to move and drag it to its new location. The blank area left behind is automatically filled to match the surrounding background.

Editing photos of professional quality at an affordable price.

Why subscribe to Photoshop if you have any professional power with our software? Increase your skills with advanced and professional features of photo editing in PaintShop Pro X8.
  • layers: use multiple non-destructive layers when editing images to create composite photos or dynamic creative. The new enhancements introduced in this version layers include research layers, merge selected layers and development or reduction of layer groups.
  • Camera RAW Lab: get full control over your RAW images with the improved provision of lab RAW processing, including before and after views and with a broader view.
  • dynamic wide range Tools (HDR) recombine exposure automatically in brackets to create a unique and splendid Photo HDR, characterized by an intense visual contrast.
  • Fixed objective: whether you work in the workspace or in the lab edition of RAW, you can automatically apply the Lens Correction tools to eliminate distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberrations frequently caused by most targets 'camera.
  • single RAW image to an HDR effect: Separate specific RAW file in three pictures, which you can then selectively recombine to create an HDR-like effect.
  • Powerful script: accelerate the implementation of common and repetitive tasks using scripts for most operations through the scripting engine and complete guide dedicated to scripts. Share your scripts with your team members or online.
  • Supports Plug-third: 64-bit versions support external modules (tools) third, while the support for plugins Adobe opens up countless creative possibilities.
  • Supports RAW: manage and save IPTC metadata in your RAW files and thus have a greater control over the information in your image files. You can also publish your RAW files as JPG or TIF file by adding IPTC data.
  • Support for XMP: PaintShop Pro X8 can now read and import data stored in XMP files, which are generated by many image editing applications RAW to record all changes without affecting the original RAW files.

useful improvements to speed editing operations.

Realize faster your editing work and spend more time outdoors to take snapshots or to have fun! Performance brushes and selection tools, batch processing and saving files, the execution of transactions in PaintShop Pro X8 has been accelerated and streamlined to minimize effort while enjoying improved responsiveness . The styles execution speed associated with several brushes was again accelerated in this version: it is 40 to 120% faster. Selection tools now use a setting of tolerance, which allows you to specify precise values ​​for defining an area. A new interface batch accelerates and simplifies the use of large groups of photos and allows you to perform operations such as Watermark, Resize, Script, etc. Select the security functions to be applied in the publication, including the removal of information and the location of files or embed a watermark. The recording of image files PaintShop Pro native is 50% faster.

Quick fixes and instant effects.

The power is important. Speed ​​is often better. PaintShop Pro X8 offers both! Turn photos into stunning images faster with photo effects with improved snapshot:
  • Lab retro: give a vintage look to your photos by applying color and contrast of yesteryear for a result inspired LoFi cameras.
  • Gradient Filter tool: add quickly and easily unique gradient color effects to your photos.
  • instant effects: make your selection from a large choice of preselected effects, organized into categories of styles such as Artistic Effects, film styles, Black and White Landscape.
  • Focus: play with depth of field in your photos or apply bokeh effects to keep the development of certain areas of the image blur and other areas.

Reveal the beauty of your photographs with support 4K displays.

Combine PaintShop Pro X8 with a high resolution screen and get the best possible display of PaintShop Pro. Discern every detail, read more easily and clearly the characters and enjoy all aspects of your photos or compositions with a high resolution interface rendering splendid. The new icons and improved interface screens are compatible with very high resolution (dpi zoom up to 250% with 4K resolution).

Simple Methods to start and learn.

Start quickly to use PaintShop Pro X8 through the project selection dialog. Simply click on File, New image, choose the desired dimensions for the project, then customize your work. As always in PaintShop Pro, access to assistance, training and information you need is simplified. You can choose from a library of helpful tutorials Discovery Center, and viewing the one that matches you to learn directly without leaving the application. Work more efficiently and quickly with additional advice and tips provided by our award-winning Learning Center. This practical reference guide provides you built not step instructions and quick access to the right tools for your project, while displaying the help you need, when you want.

sharing features and integrated social media.

Log on to your loved ones and share your photos with the world through integrated social media features PaintShop Pro X8:
  • Find people: use facial recognition technology and label people to more easily manage your photos.
  • Photo Card: create photo cards from your photos with the actual geographical positions and share them online.
  • Share my trip: create an online slideshow directly connecting your photos to an interactive map.
  • Integrated social media: share photos and achievements via your Facebook, Flickr and Google+.

A brand that listens to learn from creative users like you.

We are delighted to receive comments and suggestions enthusiastic users of PaintShop Pro. As part of our unwavering commitment to provide the best possible experience, we have considered a number of suggestions in this release and expect not to stop there.
  • Button Before / After Setup mode: quickly view the changes and compare them to the original.
  • New recording technique and Save As dialog box: view and edit directly compression settings.
  • Samples in the Properties window styles and textures: access easier than ever to all samples that you have created.
  • Mask preview for text cutteur and shape cutteur: previewing and accurately visualize what you cut before cutting to an improved user experience.
  • Gradient preview: You can now view the gradient changes apply to your images while they are running to stop working blindly.
  • Buy your product once and stay forever in owner: you said we want to benefit from affordable and do not prefer monthly fee. With PaintShop Pro, you have a perpetual, no monthly subscription and continue to benefit from regular updates guided by your comments.

  • Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7 with latest service pack (32-bit or 64-bit editions).
  • Intel / AMD 1.5Ghz or faster processor with SSE2 supported (multi-core processer recommended).
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended).
  • 1GB of available hard-disk space required (2GB recommended).
  • 1280x768 resolution with 16bit color display (1366 x 768 resolution with 24 or Higher bit color display recommended).
  • DirectX 9 or Higher-compatible video adapter with latest driver.
  • Internet connection required for online features and tutorial videos.
  • Windows-compatible CD / DVD drive for installation.

Support Format

Image formats:


Includes RAW file media from over 300 camera models with The Following extensions: 3FR, ARW, CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, K25, KDC, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RW2, SR2, SRF, X3F

* CMX, DRW, HGL, HPG, PCD and PGL formats supported are 32-bit systems only.
** WPG (WordPerfect Vector only) not supported is 64 bit. WordPerfect is supported Bitmap is 64bit.

Brush formats:
  • PaintShop Pro Brush (.pspbrush)
  • Adobe PhotoShop Brush (abr)
  • Jasc Brush (.jbr)

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