Alcohol and drug driving: deduction of points and penalties

November 2017

A motorist who drove after drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana or using narcotics is liable to imprisonment in addition to a fine and a deduction of points. Here are the penalties.


It is forbidden to drive when you have reached or exceeded the rate of 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood of 0, 25 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air. Before taking the wheel, you can measure these rates through a breath test or a breath test.

Between 0.5 and 0.79 g

Driving a vehicle with a level of alcohol per liter of blood between 0.5 and 0.79 g (0, 25 and 0, 39 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air) causes the withdrawal 6 points on the driving license and is a 4th class ticket (fine of 135 euros).

For drivers with probationary license, the 0.5g limit rate is lowered to 0.2g since the end of June 2015. See as well the level of alcohol permitted for young drivers.

0.8 g and beyond

When the alcohol content per liter of blood greater than or equal to 0.80 g (0.40 mg per liter of air expired), the driver commits the offense to drive under the influence of alcohol and state faces up to 2 years imprisonment and 4500 euro fine and a withdrawal of 6 points on his license.

It is also exposed to additional penalties such as suspension or cancellation of permits or the obligation to perform at its expense, a sensitization workshop on road safety.

Breathalyzer immobilizer

Finally, it should be noted that the fraudulent use of an alcolock, consisting in starting a car despite an alcoholic state, is now liable to a further fine of 1,500 euros (Decree of 7 September 2011).

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When drugs test during a traffic stop, the act of driving a vehicle that had used substances or plants classified as drugs is an offense liable to a sentence of 2 years imprisonment and a 4,500 euro fine accompanied by a withdrawal of 6 points on the driving license. Can be added additional penalties such as cancellation or suspension of the license or the requirement to work at the expense of driver awareness course to road safety and / or the hazards associated with product use narcotics.

If convicted for driving under the influence of drugs, the motorist must pay a fixed fee of procedure, the amount is set at 300 euros. This amount will then be added to the fine to be paid by the convicted.
However, the smoking of tobacco is not driving - or very little - repressed.

Accumulated alcohol and drugs

In addition to the respectively penalties for each of these offenses, the act of driving after the use of substances or plants classified as drugs conjugated to equal BAC or greater than 0.5 g of alcohol per liter of blood (either 0.25 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air) is liable to a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment and 9000 euro fine.

points Withdrawals

Here is a summary of points of withdrawals on the license when the driver is checked with a blood alcohol level of control limits.

  • Driving with a BAC between 0.5 and 0.8 g / liter of blood (0.25 and 0.4 mg / liter of air expired): 6 points
  • Backing a learner driver with a BAC between 0.5 and 0.8 g / liter of blood (0.25 and 0.4 mg / liter of expired air): 6 points
  • Driving with a BAC or equal to 0.8 g / l of blood or intoxicated: 6 points
  • Refusal to submit to verification of the presence of alcohol in the blood: 6 points
  • Driving after drug use or drug screening refusal: 6 points

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