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Sweet Home 3D

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Download Sweet Home 3D (FR) Download Sweet Home 3D (ES) Download Sweet Home 3D (IT) Download Sweet Home 3D (PT) Download Sweet Home 3D (NL) Download Sweet Home 3D (NL) Sweet Home 3D architecture is a free software (open source) to design a house, an apartment or simply improve its interior. It will help you establish the housing plan of your dreams and make even better by showing you a realistic picture of what could be your future home.

Sweet Home 3D

key features

The software allows to design the plans for a house with very realistic details. It offers you to draw walls as needed: rights, rounded, or under the roof. It also belongs to the user to decide regarding the dimensions. The detailed plan is not a simple design, it is represented by 3D images that better reflect the reality as to doors and windows. You can also add text, dimensions, and the surface of the parts of the plan. The decor of the house can also be supported by Sweet Home 3D. The latter offers a variety of virtual furniture such as sofas, chairs, cabinets, tables, etc. The user can then customize the lights and the effect of the sun to make it even more realistic plan.

PDFs, images, videos and 3D files can be imported through other applications. The software adopts several languages ​​including, notably, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, etc. So you can share the overview of the house of your dreams.

Sweet Home 3D

Presentation video


The software is free and has a very intuitive interface.


The software unfortunately not estimate the cost of building the house.

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Sweet Home 3D

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Sweet Home 3D is also available for Mac.

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