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Download GeoGebra (FR) Download GeoGebra (ES) Download GeoGebra (DE) Download GeoGebra (PT) Download GeoGebra (NL) Download GeoGebra (PL) Download GeoGebra (PL) Geogebra is a learning software and training of all branches of mathematics. The main advantage of this software is that it combines geometric designs, data and analytic calculations. By using it, three performances will be visible on the window graphic representation such as points, curves representative functions or circles, then the algebraic representation, for example, coordinates or equations, and finally the spreadsheet representation. The user then find that these representations are completely linked to each other in a dynamic way: any change in representation will affect all the others.


key features

This software can be used as a learning tool, presentation or editing. For learning, simply customize the interface and change the display settings performances. As for the presentation, Geogebra has a navigation bar, from which you can browse through the steps of an existing building. Finally, for editing, this software allows you to print graphics, export as an image, and also allows you to create interactive web pages. Compared to its predecessor, Geogebra version 3.0, Geogebra version 3.2 has several new features such as a compass, cones, automatic dressing a regression and recording in a spreadsheet.


The software is free and open source. It is available in forty five (45) languages.
Other versions (Mac OS X, Linux, XO) available on the official website :

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