Gross Wage Calculation net and the net wage in gross

Gross Wage Calculation net and the net wage in gross

How to calculate the net salary from gross salary or convert the net wage in gross wage, after taking account of social contributions and wage costs mentioned on the pay slip.


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To switch from gross pay to net pay, there is a quick and simple technique that allows you to head home pay calculated to be paid each month from your gross salary. For this, you simply deduct approximately 23% (slightly less than a quarter) of the amount of gross wages you touch to get an estimate of your net salary. Calculation example: if you earn 2,000 euros gross per month, you will earn about 2000 - (2000 X 23/100) = 1540 Euros net.
If you work in the public service, you must apply the rate of 15% instead of 23%.

This formula allows to quickly assess the amount of your net pay from your gross pay, but this is obviously only a rough estimate, the exact rate of reduction applicable varying according to the companies. To calculate the exact amount of salary that will be paid, you must specifically deduct amounts of wage costs shown on your payslip.

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Indeed, the pay slip given to the employee mentions both the gross and net salary to pay. It must include several mandatory information. Especially...

  • The identity of the employer;
  • The applicable collective agreement;
  • The nature of the position held by the employee with his classification number;
  • Leave dates taken paid by the employee;
  • The amount of gross earnings, usually at the top of the payroll;
  • Any bonuses and benefits in kind;
  • Details of employer and employee social security contributions:
    • CSG and CRDS
    • The sickness and maternity contributions, pension insurance, family allowances,
    • The unemployment insurance contributions,
    • Pension and provident fund contributions.

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To calculate net pay, we must deduct from the gross pay all the social contributions payable by the employee (CSG, CRDS, social security contributions, unemployment contributions, additional pension contributions ...). The gross salary is thus indicated at the top of your pay slip, while net salary to be paid is mentioned at the bottom of the sheet, after deduction of labor costs. If in doubt about the calculation on your pay slip, contact the responsible payroll or manager of your company's human resources to ask for an explanation of the deductions made.
Often when talking about salary, we reason from the gross amount. This is particularly the case for assessing the average annual salary on the basis of which is calculating base pension amount. However, the amount of wages to indicate on your tax return respect to the net wages paid to you.


The premiums paid by the employer, as the salary subject to social contributions. Therefore, when you touch a premium (seniority bonus, 13th month, etc.), you must add its gross to gross salary that you will receive for the current month. It is from this amount that you can calculate the net amount that will be paid by the employer. For more information, see premium business and social contributions.

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Last precision: if you touch the minimum wage, careful not to confuse the gross minimum wage with the amount of net minimum wage which will be paid by your employer: the minimum wage set by the regulations is gross.

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