World of Tanks Blitz

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World of Tanks Blitz

|share your version:1.1.1 World of Tanks Blitz Download Download Freeware iPhone English "World of Tanks Blitz combines war strategy. In this game, the player is expected to play as a tank driver in order to win a battle during which will have to face several participants. The realism and high quality graphics allow to see in detail the progress of indignities including damage afflicted by everyone.World of Tanks Blitz

key features

  • Library: the game offers more than 90 war cars that the player can control. Note that it is essential that the successful As the tasks entrusted to him so he could unlock some vehicles. These are classified according to different characteristics that can distinguish light tanks, heavy and hunting.
  • Battle System: World of Tanks Blitz includes all eight arenas that will allow the gamer to improve their skills in piloting different vehicles. In each, he will have to fight enemies and the difficulty grows at the stage of the game in which it is located. It will have to be agile and use a good strategy of attack to avoid being eliminated.
  • Help: to facilitate the assimilation of the player operating the game and manipulation, several tutorials are offered to it in the Startup menu. The scope of tanks firing it will be available with the damage they can inflict rate. There are also various belligerents in this war and the classification of tanks available.


  • It is possible to invite other players to participate in the same country via a connection.
  • Download World of Tanks Blitz is completely free.
  • A chat option allows the belligerents to talk during the game.


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