Leave to live – Sample Letter

Leave to live - Sample Letter

A letter off to live should be addressed to your tenant when a homeowner, you decide to terminate or not renew the lease on the grounds that you want to retrieve this accommodation to live there yourself. Our sample letter is freely usable if you have to write this letter.


Article 15 of the Law of 6 July 1989 has indeed that "under penalty of nullity, the leave given by the lessor must show the alleged ground and, in case of recovery, the name and address of the beneficiary of the recovery can be that the landlord's spouse, partner to which it is bound by a civil partnership registered on the date of the leave, his registered partner for at least one year from the date of the leave, ascendants, descendants or those his spouse, his partner or his registered partner. "
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The leave notification must be sent by registered mail and provide notice of 6 months. The starting point of this short period of time from the receipt of your mail has been delivered. To write your mail, you can rely on the example leave letter to dwell below.

Example of mail

Name Sender Name
No. Street
CP City

First Name receiver
No. Street
CP City

Subject: notification leave due to recovery to live

I, (specify name, surname), owner of (specify the nature of the property) located at (insert full address), which you rent from (specify date), meaning you with regret and under Article 15 of law No. 89-462 of July 6, 1989, you leave on the date (indicate a greater than or equal to 6 months time). To date, housing you occupy will be released, and all of your obligations fulfilled.

Indeed, I am led to make this decision because I want to recover this property (specify the live myself, or to house one of my children. In the latter case, indicate full name and complete address recipient housing future).

I propose that we agree on a date shortly before the date you leave mentioned above, to perform the inventory of the accommodation you occupy.

Yours sincerely
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