Solving the “purple Code

Reset HP despite "Code Purple"

I was faced with the problem of "Code Purple" just changing a burner. This solution requires the release of the hard drive, but it's effective.
This issue affects HP brand computers, XP or Vista home.

Solving the "purple Code

What is it ?

During the factory restore an HP PC, you may experience this problem named "Code Purple".
Solving the "purple Code

Why ?

When installing the system, a file checks your configuration is identical to the original.
This problem occurs because the hardware has changed: if you change your drive, for example, and you do a factory restore, you will be blocked by the above message, the first system startup.

The solution ?

We must therefore tell the system not to check the hardware configuration. For this, you need:
  • A live cd allowing you to explore the hard drive.
  • Or another computer.
    • An external hard drive enclosure, suitable to your HP HDD (SATA, IDE 3.5, 2.5).
    • If you do not have an external enclosure, you will mount the HP hard drive internally, in high school.

Once assembly is completed, explore the hard drive:
- if the system is to restore xp, edit the file is located here: X: \ Hp \ bin \ ConfigCheck \ cfgchk.bat
- if the system is to restore Vista, the file change is here: X: \ Hp \ bin \ CheckDMI \ CheckDMI.cmd
X is the hard drive in question.

Right-click on the file and "Edit"...
Solving the "purple Code

At the indicated line, change the 0 to 1. Save your change. Replace the HP hard drive in the PC in question and leave the boot on the system.

The purple error message should no longer appear!
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