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Tube Music for Android

share your opinionPublisher:Appraton version:1.0.3 Tube Music for Android Download Download Freeware Android, English To facilitate access to shared audio tracks online, it was designed for specialized applications. Music Tube is a software component of the Android platform dedicated to this purpose.

Tube Music for Android

key features

Account: In order to make use of Music Tube, it is recommended to create a user profile. This will serve to authenticate when accessing the server's database or to save the settings in place.

Reading: This application can read the available audio tracks without having to use a third party software component. The reading process will be launched following a single selection by finger pressure.

playlist: Music Tube also allows to set up a playlist. This is done in order to start a passing away without having to select an audio file each time.

Background: With this application, it is possible to know the tracks played on the embedded player. A History is available for this case; information about last song are indicated.


Downloading Music Tube is completely free.

This app is able to display the lyrics of a chosen song.


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