Show me how … sex tutorials, it was daring!

Show me how ... sex tutorials, it was daring!

The universe we tutorials were previously reserved to the computer field. The ShowMeHow site had the bold idea of ​​showing the way to all those who wished to learn the joys of sex, without going through the box porn!

The site frees its input readers: "ShowMeHow can help you make love and make sex more attractive." Hard not to fall into the gravel when it comes to the thorny subject of sex, or not to be boring doing the teaching. Yet the site ShowMeHow managed this double challenge. The tutorials are presented in video format that speak louder than words ... But make no mistake, the soundtrack consists of explanatory developed by leading sexologists, shots are realistic and carried out more respect for actors.

All you ever wanted to know about sex and maybe more ...
To enter, you must show your credentials: read the Terms and put his date of birth. The many very explicit scenes justify the majority at the entrance of the site. Each gender's tutorials: Videos are categorized either as men or as women pack pack.
The size of the video (on average 3 minutes), short and informative, is adapted to the web format. Once you have selected the ones you want, it will cost you 2 euros for viewing, a trifle.

Exercise 1: to work his tongue
The site is English and explanations are expressed in the language of Shakespeare. But this should not be an obstacle since the comments are learning in a relatively simple English and the images are enough very often.
Very instructive videos address the most diverse topics: oral sex positions through anal sex, homosexual acts, first, protection, cunnilingus ...

ideal for take its first steps, and the public more experienced, a small revision never wrong!

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