BIOS usual commands

BIOS usual commands

This trick will serve you if you need to use the BIOS, but do not know which keys to use.
Indeed, the mouse is not active in the BIOS.
The keys or combinations may differ depending on the model, but the majority are valid for all.

Access the BIOS

  • Access the BIOS several possibilities, differs between computers. A hit right after you start the computer.
    • Escape
    • F2
    • F5
    • F8
    • Delete


  • Moving through the menus:
    • arrows
    • TAB (Left of the keyboard)
    • Orig/End
    • Previous page/Next page
  • Entering a menu (having previously selected the right menu with the arrow keys):
    • Entrance
  • Change values:
    • statistics
    • +/- (To modify a numerical value)
    • letters
    • arrows (Sometimes to modify a numerical value)
    • going back and or Delete/Of the (To delete a character)
  • validate:
    • there/o (Yes / yes) or not (No) (whether to say yes or no)
    • Entrance

Exit the BIOS

  • Exit the BIOS:
    • Escape
    • Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Sudden restart of the computer, not recommended)
    • Sometimes it's a menu.
    • Warning: sometimes you select Quit without saving changes or Save the changes and exit

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