The tax on building plots

The tax on building plots

The sale of land became building after purchasing off a capital gain. A a special tax was introduced on capital gains to become building land disposals after a change in the local plan.

municipal tax

The town has the opportunity to set up a special tax on the first sale of a naked become building land after purchase.

The tax is equal to 10% of the capital gain calculated taking into account the acquisition price updated with the consumer price index.


Are exempt from this tax:

  • land that became Plot more than 18 years before the date of transfer
  • gains less than 200%, three times the purchase price

national fee

A national tax applies to the sale of land become buildable after January 13, 2010 provided that the sale price is more than ten times the purchase price.

The tax is based on the difference between the sale price and the purchase price (revalued based on the price index) after applying a 10% reduction by year elapsed from the 8th year.

The tax is equal to:

  • 5% of this difference when the ratio between the sales price and the purchase price is greater than 10 and less than 30
  • 10% when the ratio is greater than 30, but only on the remaining part to tax after the application of the charge 5%.

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