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|share your version:1.3.6 (latest version) Computer jargon Download Download Open Source (3.56 MB) Windows 2000, Windows XP, French The computer is part of everyday life. But the problem lies in the vocabulary used. It is often difficult to grasp the meaning of certain terms. That's why Roland has developed Trique Computer jargon. A comprehensive dictionary of computer vocabulary.
Computer jargon

key features

  • Dictionary: even with good computer training base, it is often difficult to understand their jargon. Indeed, words like "vimisme, nerd, emaciste, PHP, DSL, etc. "Are blocking the understanding of an application or software. Computer jargon offers more than 10,000 words in its database with their meaning.
  • Research : Computer jargon performs a quick search to find a word. Once the word is found, you can then view its definition with links that can direct you to other words. It is also possible to sort words by subject if necessary.
  • Customizable: for this new version, Computer jargon gives you the ability to change the color of the interface. You have a choice of blue, red, green or yellow. The interface is completely intuitive with all the dictionary related options. It can save or print the results of research.


  • The software is available under GNU / Linux and MacOS-X.
  • This is a free software.
  • A direct link to Google search.


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