Bank statement as proof of address

Bank statement as proof of address

A bank statement can it be used as proof of address?

Many administrative procedures need to provide proof of address to prove that you live well at the address indicated. This is for example the case with a gray card application or identity card.

Most often, a utility bills or for less than three months gases, a tax notice or receipt of recent rent your name will be accepted logically to prove your residency.

However, the bank statements are very rarely. The address indicated therein is indeed of little value, since it may well be an old address (which can sometimes be several years) if the customer has not notified his bank of his change of address. Before moving or send his file, so the best is to contact the organization in question by telephone to find out if a bank statement will be accepted as proof ...
A landlord is prohibited from requesting a copy of bank statement in a rental file.

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