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Cartoon Effect Creator

|share your opinionPublisher:TheGoFor version:1.0 Cartoon Effect Creator Download Download Shareware (2.69 MB) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English Other languages
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Download Cartoon Effect Creator (FR) Download Cartoon Effect Creator (ID) Download Cartoon Effect Creator (ID) Cartoon Effect Creator is a software to edit videos and convert them into cartoons. The days when cartoons are made by professionals is over. Now create a cartoon is within reach of all.

Cartoon Effect Creator

key features

Cartoon Effect Creator allows the user to mount his videos by adding effects offered by the software. To do this, the software offers its users more than 40 types of effects to be applied to videos. Some examples of effects, crayons, crack, blur, and many others, are already integrated. Cartoon Effect Creator is simple to use. Indeed, it is just enough for the user to choose his video, and to the effects to apply, make the necessary adjustments and voila. Cartoon Effect Creator has an intuitive interface that facilitates its handling, it requires no special computer skills. For example, if the user has used crack and he wants to change them blur, so just remove it and apply the new effect.


The software can be downloaded for free.


The software is in English. The supported video formats by the software are not defined.

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