Internet Speed ​​Booster

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Internet Speed ​​Booster

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Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (FR) Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (ES) Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (DE) Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (PT) Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (PL) Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (HI) Download Internet Speed ​​Booster (HI) Everyone wants to quickly surf the internet or even faster download speed. Internet Speed ​​Booster is a powerful software to improve the flow of your Internet connection.

Internet Speed ​​Booster

key features

  • Booster connection: the software's main function is to make your connection faster than usual by changing system settings that contains your Internet properties, simply choose this setting and click Optimize now.
  • RAM Booster: this software does not just accelerates your connection, it can also accelerate the speed of your RAM. To do this, enter the heading Ram Booster, Ram and optimize configurations now.
  • System parameters: Internet Speed ​​Booster also allows you to modify your system settings that may contain Internet properties, the system or the modem settings and network settings.
  • Backup: it may be that you wanted to retrieve the old settings. With this software, you can restore them at any time since the software contains a backup manager.
  • Interface: the main window consists of 4 elements such as Speed ​​Booster, Net Pinger, Ram Booster and system settings. The interface is intuitive making it easy to implement.


  • The software is powerful
  • It is available free
  • It is a practical software


  • It is in English only
  • The software requires computer skills in changing settings

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