Karaoke Mode for Android

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Karaoke Mode for Android

share your opinionPublisher:appure version:1.1.1 Karaoke Mode for Android Download Download Freeware Android, French For karaoke fans, have access to many playlists is an advantage. Karaoke mode is a free media to sing on thousands of songs.

Karaoke Mode for Android

key features

Search: This app contains in its database of thousands of karaoke, whether French or foreign language. To find a particular song, it provides the user a search bar.

Reading: This utility includes a Karaoke mode allows the user to play the selected music. During this operation, it is possible to manage playback. The volume of the instrumental and microphone can thus be set.

Registration: A voice capture function also offers the opportunity to the user to save his karaoke session. Recordings can be subsequently stored on the memory of the mobile device and removed later if necessary.

Creating Favorites: Karaoke mode was with a library to group favorite karaoke user. The list can be accessed quickly and managed according to the propriety of it. Thus, it is possible to add and delete songs.


Karaoke mode is available for free download.


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