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Audials Tunebite Platinum

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Audials Tunebite Platinum Download (PT) Audials Tunebite Platinum Download (PT) Audials Tunebite Platinum 2017: Register legally streams audio and video data

Recording the data stream

Save videos
Audials Tunebite Platinum records your videos, TV series and movies
Online video libraries offer movies via video on demand videos from websites and TV series are popular in libraries. All contents of these services are recorded by Audials with very good quality.

Audials Tunebite Platinum for recording movies online
The most popular service streaming videos are preconfigured in Audials software by tiles for each platform. This way you get the best results when recording. Just click on the corresponding tile, start the video and Audials records all in the desired format.

automatic recording function sets seasons on Netflix
Audials is the only vendor that allows you with Audials software to record the video stream on Netflix series and store each episode in a single file - fully automatic. In no time, you check each season.

Easily record all videos and movies online
The video libraries online encode the data stream often. Other programs fail to capture the protected stream. Audials Tunebite Platinum, however, has a way for you to receive free or protected against copying videos from any source as legal private copying.

Tags automatic or manual film changes
Tags with information on the title, the cover of the film, the actors, the country of origin and stating many other clues are added automatically. In addition, the source of the recording, the flow and the container are marked. With the editor you also always the option to change the information.

Recording music
Audials Tunebite Platinum allows to make the most of the music flow
Audials Tunebite recognize the flow of music services and registered by adding automatically tags. The music is muted the audio stream and automatically saved as an MP3 file.

The double speed for audio recordings!
Audials is the only software that records the double-speed audio stream by cutting advertising and ensuring the proper volume. The audio stream is saved without loss of quality with ID3 tags. This is possible in the major audio file formats or on the hard drive in the cloud or on your smartphone.

universal converter

Convert 85 formats of audio and video files for 84 devices
There are lots of audio and video converters on the market, but Audials is the only one that solves the issues with DRM protection against copying reliably for music, audio books and movies. As a format converter, all your media are thus in the right format to ensure playback on all devices.

Listen to audiobooks on all devices!
Audials Tunebite Platinum converts audio books to MP3 files for all devices, even with the chapters. Audials Tunebite accessed libraries audiobooks and should simulate a virtual CD-ROM drive. Moreover, serious Audials virtually the audiobook MP3 in best quality.

Archive DVD to enjoy lasting
The purchased DVDs are very sensitive and require proper storage. With DVD Copier Audials Tunebite Platinum, a private copy can easily support you before a loss.

Watch movies on devices without DVD player
DVD with or without protection against copying are copied by Audials Tunebite with legal function. In this way, you convert DVD movies to enjoy even on devices without DVD drive as the smartphone or tablet. The different languages ​​movies and chapters are also copied.


comfortable thousands of audio files management
Audials helps you refine your own media collection by adding ID3 tags and normalizing the songs. All media playlists can be played on the embedded player.

Audials Tunebite Platinum manages duplicates
If a recording of the same songs over and over, Audials presents always the one in the best recording quality in the foreground. Duplicates are not removed, but kept in the background. However, you can designate another version as the best or put several duplicates first. Considered unnecessary duplicates are easily removed individually or collectively.

Movies and Entertainment
The perfect order in your library!
All your films are stored in folders based on the type specified by the tags. The video library and growing gradually with each new film as you add it. Folders to the films can also be created manually, for example, by players or managers preferred.

Accessing files on the mobile device
Audials puts files on your smartphone or tablet cloud from the computer or USB cable.

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