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November 2017

Download eBook

To obtain playback, Apple offers its iBooks Store, where most of the content is paid, directly accessible from the app by pressing the "Store" button. The library rotates on itself to reveal the online bookstore.

To know

The "standard" iPhone eBook is the ePub format. Open and public, it is also supported by companies like Sony. Its advantage is to allow the wing layout (we say "reflowable") depending on the device used, the Adobe PDF can not do.
The iBooks Store is very similar to the iTunes Store: the main window is organized in the same way, with its featured products, news, rankings ... You can quickly narrow your prospecting using the button "Categories" and select a genre of literature (the "Research" tab to target a particular author or title).
Choose a book that tickles your interest by touching: this triggers the opening of a window with details: comments and user ratings, description of the book, even a button to view excerpts. You only have to press the price and confirm (by pressing the green area that appears) to start the download.
iPhone - Download eBookiPhone - Download eBook

This takes you back in iBooks, where you may need to reenter your password for the iTunes account. This makes the book appear on your shelf, with a progress bar superimposed so long as the download.

To know

The iTunes software on your computer can sync your iPhone with ePub files that you can search the Internet. Simply import the files into the library (or the slip and drop). They then find themselves in the "Books" list on your iPhone.


Digital books from the Project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org) are free. The BNF also offers books in ebook format from the digital library Gallica (http://gallica.bnf.fr/ebooks).

The original text of this item is excerpted from "All to properly use the iPhone 4 and 3Gs" (Laurent RICARD, CommentCaMarche.net Collection, Dunod, 2010)

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