linking local producers and consumers linking local producers and consumers

Eating well, eating right: without necessarily being an addict organic, eating healthy has become a leitmotif of many consumers today. What is on our plates for us and worries us more and more. And many sites are now putting forward the advantage of local production and short sales cycles, as we already talked. The day the site celebrates the concept of direct trade between consumer and producer: brings together leaders and consumers looking for fairer trade. Welcome to the hive !

The principle of is simple: bring together small producers and consumers via an individual. This particular becomes a "hive" head of commodities relay, delivered by growers and recovered at home by consumers. A hive can be a house or business, a company, a school, a restaurant, etc. The founder of the site, Guilhem Chéron, passionate about cooking and grand-son of a farmer, explains that "by purchasing several, intermediate is reduced, so the costs but also the emissions of greenhouse gas." The site highlights the responsible group purchasing, reducing delivery routes and intermediaries (carriers, wholesalers, supermarkets) and especially by trading small local producers, in a spirit of sharing and conviviality.

In practice, each hive must gather maximum of forty to fifty families. Once the minimum order amount is reached, the hive may contact the local producer who will offer him an offer. Once the products delivered in the hive, each "bee" will then be able to pick his "honey".

Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, honey: to enjoy these, you can participate in a hive or become yourself a beehive.

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