How to choose a notary

public officer invested with public authority but acting Liberal fashion, the notary is a lawyer who has the power to authenticate any act when it affixes his signature and seal. Its field of action is vast, and can affect all areas of law: real estate, heritage, family ... The use of a notary is obligatory in four cases: sale or purchase of real estate, inheritance (if will or presence of real estate), gift, marriage (if choosing a matrimonial regime other than community property). That its intervention is compulsory or not, choose a notary is unavoidable. How to make the right choice and where to look? What qualities expected of a notary?

Choosing a competent notary

The main criterion for choosing a notary is his area of ​​expertise: all notaries have jurisdiction to intervene in all areas; however, most of them have an area of ​​expertise, be it family, property or inheritance. So better to choose a lawyer who specializes in the field for which so requests. The information it will deliver and clearer and more effective intervention.

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Choose a patient notary, teacher and available

Legal language is bristling jargon words incomprehensible to the layman. It is therefore appropriate to choose a lawyer that will translate clearly and concisely explain the ins and outs of legal proceedings, the consequences of an act, the rights and obligations of the parties. Better also turn to someone knowing listen and communicate: a good lawyer should be able to perceive if any anxiety and impatience of his client, and remedy responding clearly to all the questions that he asks her.

Choose a transparent notary

A notary must be loyal to his client by refusing to support his case if he is not judged competent enough or missing time to learn. He must also announce frankly the customer the amount of all he will incur, without waiting for the signing of the deed for him detailing. This loyalty and transparency must also take the traits of discretion: you must choose the notary whose certain he will respect the confidentiality.

Where a notary

There are several ways to find and choose a notary in the phone book notaries, addressing the Chamber of Notaries of his department, by word of mouth, through online searches. It is best to wear his choice on a local firm to avoid travel expenses. And of course, nothing prevents change if the notary has not finally selected the qualities expected.
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