Hybrid PC or tablet: what to choose?

Hybrid PC or tablet: what to choose?or classic convertible tablet? What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these devices? Point by point, the advice to make the right choice.


hybrid PC

The hybrid PC combines the features of a standard PC and a touch pad. A good compromise for a user possessing neither one nor the other of these devices.
This is a PC whose screen and keyboard can be detached as the Surface Pro Microsoft for example.


The touch pad is in the form of a screen, which is used without a keyboard, in the same way as a smartphone. The most popular models:
  • Apple iPad,
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This is an intermediate device, ideal for use simple functions, or in addition to a fixed computer.

Operating system

On a convertible tablet, the operating system is equivalent to that of a conventional PC. The models are usually equipped with Windows 8. The advantage: the possibility of installing heavier and more powerful programs.
On a conventional tablet operating systems are less powerful, but the choice is more varied:
  • iOS,
  • Android,
  • Windows RT

Compatible software applications are generally identical to those of smartphones, and often optimized for a larger screen.

Office applications and games

The possible uses of a tablet:
  • Games designed for mobile,
  • Social Networks
  • Internet browsing,
  • digital books and magazines,
  • Viewing emails.

Hybrid PC suitable for more advanced uses:
  • Professional office suite (Microsoft Office supplied Windows RT)
  • Photo editing and graphics creation,
  • Games designed for PC.


As smartphones, conventional tablets come with limited storage capacities:
  • 8GB
  • 16GB,
  • 32GB.

Hybrid PC can allow up to 256 GB.

It is also possible to add a shelf memory card. Windows tablets used with a Microsoft account used to also have a storage 7GB of storage SkyDriveLe many data and / or bulky, however optimized for hybrid PC:
  • Movies,
  • Music,
  • Photo Albums,
  • Multipage documents.


More compact and lighter than hybrid PCs, tablets are more advantageous in case of frequent transportation:
  • Average weight of a hybrid PC: 1.5kg
  • average weight of a tablet: 700 g

But once the keyboard detached hybrid PC, the size and weight are identical to those of a touch pad.
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