WSUS Offline Update

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WSUS Offline Update

share your opinionPublisher:WSUS Offline Update version:10.9 WSUS Offline Update Download Download Freeware (2.05 MB) Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, French Other languages
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Download WSUS Offline Update (IT) Download WSUS Offline Update (IT) WSUS Offline Update is a free program and English that can download updates for Windows and play.
WSUS Offline udpate is very useful:
  • If you need to update a computer that has no Internet
  • If you are unable to download and install Windows updates.

WSUS Offline Update downloads updates and prepares a client who may be playing on one or more computers.
WSUS Offline Update

For more information about WSUS Offline Update, you can read this tutorial: Tutorial WSUS Offline Update.

For problems with Windows updates, see the page: Installation Failed updates (Windows Update)

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