Create an address

Create an address

Create an email address

Windows Live Hotmail is a simple way to get a free email address, accessible from anywhere. Hotmail has the advantage of being free, fast, seldom failed and has interesting features such as a proven anti-spam system, a robust antivirus and anti-phishing features to avoid being cheated. In addition, there is a Windows Live ID required to use Skype, Xbox Live or online service offered by Microsoft (.NET Passport Network).

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On 19 February 2013, Microsoft announced the deployment of the new interface of This has been implemented for all users during the summer of 2013. For France, it was deployed in the month of February 2013. Your Hotmail account will become accessible by You can choose to create an address @, @, and To create a new account on the Microsoft Mail service, you can already refer to this article:
Create an Outlook Live address on

Create an address

Create email address

To create a hotmail account (@, just create a .NET Passport account by making registration via this address

Create an address

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Personal information is then requested by the courier online Microsoft. All fields must necessarily be filled with real data about you in order to best ensure the confidentiality of information relating to your privacy.

By cons, if you forget the password or account of loss of control, this information may be useful to retrieve it. Care must be taken to store information "factitious" indicated during registration.


Once the address is created, simply log in using it and the associated password!

Choose a good password

To create your password (and the possible "secret question" associated), It seems relatively sensible to follow a few simple guidelines to choose a strong password.
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