Pajemploi and Urssaf: Registration and statement online

Pajemploi and Urssaf: Registration and statement online

Using Pajemploi the Urssaf the service for administrative and accounting formalities parents who employ a childminder or childcare home. How to calculate and pay social contributions with Pajemploi.


The Pajemploi national center, run by the URSSAF of Puy-en-Velay, registers employers parents, calculates and ensures the collection of contributions due for the employment of a registered childminder and a childcare home in the supplement for free choice of childcare (CMG) for the provision of services for young children (ELP), once the entitlement to benefit by the family allowances Fund (CAF) or social agricultural Mutual (MSA).

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If you have sent a request for CMG to CAF (or MSA) and you meet the requirements to receive this assistance, you have no registration formalities to accomplish. CAF automatically makes your registration Pajemploi.

But if you can not touch the CMG, you should contact the National Center Pajemploi at the following address: National Center Pajemploi 43013 Le Puy-en-Velay Cedex. In return you will receive a membership form.


The employer must send the parent a monthly social component to Pajemploi national center when it used an employee. At reception, processing center calculates the amount of contributions, establishes the proof of employment to the childminder or childcare at home and passes the information to the competent CAF or MSA.

Upon receipt of this information, CAF or MSA calculates and pays the family the amount of childcare choice (CMG) for the management of the salary. It also pays directly to the center Pajemploi social contributions that it supports.

Urssaf simulation

The website assesses, from the gross pay, net pay that parents would have to pay for the employment of a childminder or childcare home.

It also simulates the amount of contributions: the amount of contributions paid by the FCA or the MSA and the amount of social security contributions remaining, if any, payable by parents.

social component

Delays in processing some employers individual files come in most cases from the late dismissal by the latter of the social component to calculating premiums and establishing the pay slip. Or the employer's interest to address the social aspect as quickly as possible to Pajemploi center to obtain payment of the CMG, which offset a portion of the salary paid to the childminder.

The fulfillment of this approach on the website allows immediate consideration.

Collection and Payment

For social aspects in paper form, the average processing time is currently five days. Employers therefore have special interest to return the social components in the shortest possible time. In case of late submission by the employer of one or more social aspects, the levy on his bank account comes at the end of receipt of the social aspect through the center.

Naturally, when employers parents encounter payment difficulties, they should bring as soon as possible the Pajemploi center. A deadline is routinely granted, upon request, in case of the first incident of payment.
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