Prime activity: calculation, amount and conditions

Prime activity: calculation, amount and conditions

How to calculate and claim the premium for 2017 activity amount and conditions for payment of that premium paid by CAF and access the simulator.

The premium business replaced the premium for employment and RSA activity. These two aids are no longer paid since 2016.


The premium segment is for people gainfully employed and whose income does not exceed certain ceilings. The premium business can be paid to employees, but also the self-employed who fulfill the conditions for touch.

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Young workers between 18 and 25, who were not eligible for the RSA activity unless single parent or justify a minimum duration of professional activity, can affect the premium of business if they meet the required conditions.

To receive the premium business, you must have more than 18 years. The minor employees can therefore not be eligible.

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Foreigners residing in France can affect the premium of business if they are citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or failing that, if for at least 5 years legally in France.

Apprentices and students

Trainees, students and apprentices can they get the reward of activity? According to Article 57 of the Rebsamen law for the bounty of activity, it should not be pupil, student, trainee or apprentice.

However, the same article of law provides that this condition does not apply to those who receive at least 899.34 euros per month in 2017 (78% of net minimum wage in 2017).

A young internship or apprenticeship can therefore affect the premium business when its income exceeds this threshold.


Designed for low-paid workers, the premium segment is paid to active (full-time or part-time) who receive below a certain ceiling remuneration. For a single person without children, this ceiling is set at 1.3 times the minimum wage.


According to the beneficiary's family situation, these income limits are set at approximately:

  • 1500 euros net for a single person;
  • 2200 euros for a childless couple where one member works and for a single parent with a child;
  • 2900 euros for a couple with two children where both spouses are working.

The premium business concerns employees but also freelancers. For the latter, it is based on their last known net annual turnover must not exceed a certain limit. These revenues are set to the following ceilings:

  • 82,200 euros for traders;
  • 32,900 euros for the liberal professions;
  • 32,900 euros for craftsmen and service providers.

Revenues included

The resource limits take into account all household income. Work is focusing on income from professional activity, but also unemployment benefits or property income or capital. Pensions paid following an industrial accident or occupational disease are considered.

For non-employed persons, to consider the latest available net annual income. Since 1 July 2017, TNS may, notwithstanding, request that it be given their last quarterly revenue. Specifically, the self-employed so will not have to wait one year to qualify for the premium business, but will soon ask the 3 months.

The formula for calculating the premium segment is quite complex. But you can use an online simulator or rely on the examples below to assess the amount to which you are entitled.

Aides of the cif

However, some aid is not included in the assessment of the beneficiary's resources. This is particularly the case of birth allowance, the supplement for free choice of childcare or school year allowance (ARS).

Conversely, the PLA, the family support allowance and the family supplement plus are considered within the limits of some packages.

2017 amount

How affect the beneficiaries of the premium business? Here are the rules for cacluler amounts paid to beneficiaries.


The premium amount of activity is not the same for everyone. It is estimated from the income of beneficiaries on the one hand, and their second family situation.


The government provided several examples of premium amounts of activity for beneficiaries who find themselves in different situations.

Thus, a single working full time at minimum wage affects just over 130 euros per month premium business. A single mother with a child who works third time touch it, 220 euros per month. For a couple with two children where one parent is a full-time minimum wage and the other half, the amount of the premium business reaches 230 euros monthly.


For a single person without children, the amount of the premium of activity roughly correspond to figures in the following scale:

ResourcesPremium amount of activity
0.25 Smic185 €
0.5 Smic246 €
0.6 Smic222 €
0.7 Smic199 €
0.75 Smic188 €
0.8 Smic176 €
0.9 Smic136 €
SMIC132 €
1.1 Smic105 €
1.2 Smic60 €
1.3 Smic15 €
1.4 Smic0 €


An individual bonus can also be added to the amount of the premium business. This increase can be attributed to each person household member activity when its earned income equal or exceed 0.5 times the minimum wage. The maximum amount of this bonus is 67 euros, the maximum amount being paid as of 0.8 times the minimum wage.


You can touch a premium business plus if you are a single parent with at least one dependent child or pregnant woman. Get closer to your Caf to know the amount of the increase for isolation.


When calculating the premium activity leads to an amount less than 15 euros, the aid is not paid.

forfeit amount

The amount of the premium activity is calculated on the basis of a fixed amount, which is regularly reevaluated. Since April 1, 2017, this amount is equal to 526.25 euros.


To calculate your premium business, you can use an online simulator CAF, which will give you an estimate of your premium based on your personal situation.


If you touch the minimum wage, the premium segment is 132 euros if you are single without children. This amount increases depending on the composition of your household. If, for example, you have two children and that the second parent working part-time, you will receive about 230 euros.



The premium was increased activity for the last time on April 1, 2017. The rate of this increase, however, was very low: 0.3%. A revaluation which in practice translates at best a few euros more paid monthly by Caf.

This slight premium increase of activity was recorded by Decree No 2017-740 of May 4, 2017, published in the Official Journal May 5, 2017.


In his campaign platform, Emmanuel Macron planned to increase the premium of 50% activity. The amount could be raised at the beginning of five years.

September 26, 2017, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, announced that the premium of activity would be increased for the first time on October 1, 2018. The increase will be 20 euros per month for an employee at minimum wage. Other revaluations will then take place over five years, to reach a total increase of 80 euros (always for a worker on the minimum wage).

Payment date


The payment of the premium segment is provided by CAF and not by taxes. The payment is made once a month, as the RSA activity.

Day of month

The premium segment is paid every month term expired by CAF, which means you have to wait late for payment. The transfer of the Caf takes the 5th of next month.

1st payment

The right to the premium segment is open to the month in which you submit your application. The first installment of the premium business therefore be the beginning of the month following the month in which you made your request.



The person who already touches the RSA by CAF does not have steps to take. Since it carries, takes or returns to work, he is deemed to have applied for the premium business, unless otherwise stated on his part.

But the person who does not touch the RSA must submit a business premium application with the CAF. The business premium application may be made directly online on the website of the Caf. Before beginning these procedures, you must make a simulation online via the simulator CAF to see if you can get the reward activity.

The use of internet application procedure is not mandatory. You can do your business premium applications by going in at your Caf. You must then fill out paper forms that will be given on site.


Every 3 months, beneficiaries must declare their Caf their earned income and substitute income received during the quarter. This statement of resources can be made online by logging onto the site of the Caf or by telephone via the mobile app "Caf My Account".

For self-employed, resources considered quarterly by CAF are the industrial and commercial profits (BIC) or non-commercial profits (BNC) said taxes in the last fiscal year or, failing statement BIC / BNC, quarter revenue.

The applicant's situation is reviewed quarterly. However, a review can take place between two quarterly installments when a parent finds himself having to take sole charge of one or more child (ren) (separation, death ...), this situation entitling it to increase for isolation.


For employees and operators of the agricultural sector, the premium segment is paid by the MSA in the same conditions as for the Caf. His payment was therefore held monthly and beneficiaries must declare their earned income and replacement every three months for their MSA.

Disability and AAH

Disabled workers beneficiaries of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) may request the premium business. They can use the simulator posted by CAF to see if they are entitled to this assistance.

Their application can be made online since July 2016. If it was sent before the end of September 2016, the beneficiary could retroactively affect the premiums that have been received since January 2016. This payment retroactive for beneficiaries of AAH is no longer possible for requests made after September 2016.


If CAF refuses to pay you the premium business, but feel yet fulfill the applicable conditions, you need to initially grasp the Conciliation Committee (ARC) Your family allowance fund. You will then have no choice but to enter the administrative court if no solution is found.

tax system

The premium segment is tax exempt. You do not need to declare it on your tax return.


The premium is exempt from CSG and CRDS.

Legislation and decrees

This device is intended by the law on social dialogue and employment (Rebsamen Act) published in the Official Journal August 18, 2015.

Operating rules were clarified by two decrees published in the Official Journal of 22 December 2015 (Decree 2015-1709 and Decree No. 2015-1710).
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