Fishing license: go on a fishing card application

Here's how to get your fishing license in 2017.Fishing license: go on a fishing card application


The fishing license is required to fish in France. A fishing card default, you are liable to a fine of 450 euros in case of control. Obtaining this document is a simple administrative formality. Here is the procedure to follow.

Ask a fishing permit

Documents and procedures

To find out where to get your fishing license, it is necessary to contact the Association Approved nearest you. To know, you can consult the map of departments on the site of the national fishing federation. It is then necessary to get your document to the card dealer located near you. This may be a fish tackle dealer or a tobacco shop.

It is possible to buy a fishing permit directly on the Internet. The applicant must complete its efforts by logging on site. You can also renew your online fishing map.

Buy a license

There are different types of fishing card. They are generally valid for the year but it is also possible to ask for a day pass. Some options are available to women and children. The acquisition of the card is made for the payment of a stamp CPMA (but some formulas are nevertheless exempt) as well as a contribution to the association or federation.


The cost of a fishing license varies profiles. As an indication, the total cost of a card can vary from 70 to 100 Euros for an annual card "adult" at least 10 euros for a map "discovery" to children under 12 years.

Practice fishing

Fishing Map

The fishing license is personal. It can not be transferred. The fisherman's photograph must appear on the document as the CPMA stamp. The card allows fishing in all items managed by the association who provided the document. It is also valid for lots of other associations have concluded reciprocity agreements with yours.

Fishing dates

Warning: it is not possible to fish all year. The practice of fishing can take place between the opening and closing times for the current year.
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