Birth grant: amount in 2017

Birth grant: amount in 2017

Amount of birth premium paid by the CAF in 2017 to women who have just had a child. Resource limits and conditions to be met.

Mothers who have just given birth are entitled to a maternity grant now paid after the birth of the child. This helps a little less than 1000 euros aims to help parents finance expenditures related to the arrival of a newborn in the family.

However, parents whose income exceeds certain thresholds are not entitled to the birth grant. See the ceilings of resources of the baby bonus.


  • net 2017: 923.08 euros.

This is the amount paid after deducting the CRDS.

Unlike other family benefits (family allowances ...), the amount of the birth allowance has not increased on April 1, 2017. It should remain the same at least until 1 April 2018.


If the mother gives birth to several children at the same time, it will receive a bonus of birth for each child. It therefore receive 1846 euros in case of twins and 2,769 euros in case of triplets.

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Payment date

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Before 2015, the birth allowance was paid on 5 of the month following the month of early pregnancy + 7 months. Example: early pregnancy in May (5th month of the year), the date of payment of the premium of birth intervened Dec. 5 (12th month of the year).

These rules have been amended since 1 January 2015.

Now the payment of the premium no longer occurs after the child's birth and at the latest before the end of the second calendar month following the date of birth. The birth allowance is then paid at the same time that the first installment of the basic allowance of the Paje.


To apply for a birth grant, you must send to CAF two documents which, in principle, have joined your pregnancy notification dossier: the situation Declaration Form (cerfa 11423) and Form cerfa 10397 (declaration resources).

Also the first formalities after the birth of a child.


For several years, the amount of the birth allowance is frozen to save money. The amount of 923.08 euros is the same since 1 April 2013 and therefore the premium has not been increased since.

A first thaw should intervene, however, on 1 April 2018, since the draft social security financing law for 2018 plans to upgrade the amount of aid from the CAF. At the same time, the income limits to touch the baby bonus will be reduced: fewer families should benefit payment.

If the premium 2018 birth should be upgraded, the percentage of the increase is not yet known.


The draft finance law of Social Security in 2015 originally planned to reduce the amount of the birth allowance from the 2nd child. Under the bill, the amount paid for the second birth would have been divided by 3. The government finally abandoned apply this measure in 2015. However, he decided to postpone the date of payment of the premium of birth (see above). His payment was now place after the birth of the child, not the 7th month of pregnancy.

other aid

In addition to the birth grant, CAF will pay other aids such as the basic allowance of the Paje or family allowance (from the 2nd child). Unlike the birth allowance, these allowances are paid in the form of a monthly transfer and not a single payment.

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