Turn (rotate) a video

Here's a little tip to rotate your videos with ease. First we will download the appropriate software VirtualDub. By default, VirtualDub is found installed in c: \ Program Files \ VirtualDub. In this folder you will find the VirtualDubMob program on which we must double click to start the program or directly on the desktop executable.

Turn (rotate) a video

our video

Rotate video files

After opening the video, apply the filter "Rotate". To select the filter, we will click on the video menu and then filters (or Ctrl-f for the shortcut). If we see no filter appear, you must click on "Add" to choose the filter that interests us, "Rotate", and click "OK". In the window of the filter filters select "rotate" and click on "OK", a new window will appear; it will define the rotation amplitude and its direction.
Turn (rotate) a video

The filter Rotate2

If you have been a little curious you surely noticed that another filter "rotate 2" is. This one is slightly different. Indeed, it can choose the degree of rotation of the video. For example we can define a 33 degree rotation angle as in the image.Turn (rotate) a video
So you can play with your videos and so give them quite funny angles. If all these steps are followed you will get the desired effect.

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